Bullish Case for Decentralized Reputation

The Problems

Solving Decentralized Reputation

Pseudonymous and private by default

  • Share reputation event or reputation score directly with the verifier (encrypted with verifiers PK)
  • Share data publicly
  • Share data selectively (only choose one attribute or aggregated score)
  • Share zero knowledge proof of having a certain reputation event or score.

Segregation of reputation data and scoring models

  • It can be as simple as just a single number representing a credit score. In the DeFi case the input data would be on-chain activity across multiple blockchains, centralized exchanges, traditional banks and some qualification of being an experienced investor.
  • It can be a professional profile. Imagine the reputation profile of an engineer. It will take in their online activity across web2 platforms (github, stackoverflow, jira), web3 networks (deploys and calls of smart contracts), education (bootcamps, personal projects) and prior work (hackathons, grants completed, freelance and full-time job). The output would look something like a LinkedIn profile but with skills and experience being actually verified and proven, not just self-reported.

Reputation models competition

Open source and community-driven

Cross-chain, cross-domain

Let’s make it a reality




SSI, Verifiable Credentials, Crypto, Bitcoin, Decentralized Web.

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Stepan Gershuni

Stepan Gershuni

SSI, Verifiable Credentials, Crypto, Bitcoin, Decentralized Web.

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